• Ether capital

    From 03/05/2016 to 03/05/2018

    Bochsler Finance's ex private portfolio.

EtherCapital is no longer active.

Ether Capital is a Multi-cryptocurrency Private Portfolio launched the 3rd May of 2016 by Bochsler Finance (BF) with a full two-year track record.
Ether Capital is no longer active. After two years Bochsler Finance gained the expertise to launch its Luxembourg investment vehicle: “Archery Blockchain Fund”

To achieve its investment goals, Ether Capital typically invested at least 80% of its total net assets in large market cap high-yielding cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO) of projects which have been approved by Bochsler Finance’s team of experts. Additionally, Ether Capital rebalanced its portfolio on a daily basis to optimize return on investment. This rebalancing effectively guaranteed that we buy low and sell high taking advantage of the volatility in these markets. While the waters of cryptocurrency can be quite turbulent, experience teaches us that–with the right steering and asset diversification–the rewards can be great.




since May 3rd, 2016